Underwater Stock Footage, Promotional & Wedding Videos

Underwater Stock Footage, Promotional & Wedding Videos

Underwater Video has been our passion at Liquid Media for the last 10 years, these are just some of our favorite videos which can be found on our Youtube or Vimeo Channels, if you like our work please make sure you subscribe and please select the 720P or 1080P HD Quality option for best viewing.

Gentle Giants of the Deep was filmed in May 2012, while of training dives with Georg our Underwater video Intern from Germany, this footage has appeared on Thai Domestic Television and on Chinese National TV.



Coral Grand Divers dive against debris Sep. 2012

On September the 27th, Coral Grand Divers together with Project Aware and PADI, called all its staff and customers to action under Project Aware's motto "Dive against debris" for a special reef and beach clean up.
In 1 day volunteers managed to clear the area from close to 100kg debris to protect the ecosystem around Koh Tao for the future and to spread the awareness on how we can help to protect the ocean against pollution and save our coral reefs around the world.

Reef Life is one of our most viewed Youtube videos and it also available on Vimeo, it's a showcase of what can be found whilst diving on Koh Tao, but don't get your hopes up as you need to be diving with a real professional who knows the sites.  There are many wonderful critters living in the sand, so don't be caught up on the busy dive sites, go and explore and you will not be disappointed.


Below Koh Tao 2012, Some of my favorite clips from the last few years on Koh Tao, in particular the shots of the Big fin Squid, Eagle Rays, Barracuda, Whale Sharks, HTMS Sattakut and a recent discover of a Sargassum Frog fish.  All the footage has been filmed around Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand which is famous as a training island for divers.