Professional Underwater Videography Training and Internship – Koh Tao

Koh Tao HD Underwater Videography Courses and Videographer Internships.

Koh Tao is a great place to learn to film and develop your skills as an underwater videographer. Generally the water visibility is excellent and there’s such a variety of marine life, it’s sure to be a really satisfying and fun experience as well as a great opportunity for employment in many beautiful destinations around the world, even better if you're on a gap year or you want to learn new skills just to capture your dive vacation to share with friends at home.

Professional Underwater Videography course & free Internship

The most comprehensive and best value for money Videography Course on Koh Tao, no hidden add-ons and we don’t over charge selling you lots of stuff you don’t need.  We offer a two week course which allows you more dives than any other company on the island, giving you lots of opportunity to get great Underwater video footage and the experience it takes to be a real Pro.

What to Expect from the course?

Liquid Media is known for producing High Quality Resort Videographers. In our 14 Day Pro Videographer Course, we train you to become professional with the camera above and underwater. Learn from our long experience as Professional Videographers the tricks of the trade. Master the stability and buoyancy expected from an professional. Learn to edit the quality movies your clients expect, on Mac Computers with one of the best editing software on the market today.

What you will learn:

  • Course Orientation
  • Introduction to the use of HD Cameras both on land and under the water
  • Camera Rules “Do’s and Don’ts”
  • Shot types, Composition, framing, timing
  • Manual controls, focus, shutter speed, exposure, custom white balance
  • Underwater video housing setup and maintenance
  • One to one instructor to student training dives
  • Buoyancy control and swimming techniques
  • Introduction to Apple computers
  • Final Cut Pro x: a complete overview of the application
  • How to edit professional underwater videos

For a Limited time only FREE Resort Videographer Internships after you complete our course

The Professional Videographer Internship can only be entered after successfully completing our Liquid Media Videography Course. If you are not interested in becoming a Resort Videographer but would be more interested in learning how to make documentaries, you can spend two weeks gathering stock-footage, learning how to do voice overs and edit the results.

Internship program strongly recommended minimum certification: equivalent of a PADI Dive Master or above and you must have your own dive equipment (regulator, BCD etc.) which we can help you purchase on Koh Tao at a heavily discounted rate. During the two-week training period, you will be diving almost everyday, under direct supervision of Professional Videographers each with more than a decade of experience, thousands of video dives and dive experience worldwide.  Liquid Media is the only Apple Macintosh Center and the most experienced with Apple’s Final Cut Studio & Final Cut Pro X. Also available is Adobe Premiere Pro which can be used on either PC or Mac.

Minimum Diver level: Dive Master

Estimated time needed: 14 Days (longer Internships depending on seasons )


Pro UW Videographer Internship for Non-Liquid Media Trainees

You did your professional UW Videographer course with another company but like to do the Internship with us? No problem. After evaluating your skills and technique and a short training period to get you used to our equipment and workflow, you should be able to start your internship. Prices are estimated and depend on the time we need to retrain you.

Please contact us fore more information.

minimum Diver level: Dive Master and experience with UW Videography and Editing

Estimated time needed: 14 Days plus retraining period (longer internships depending on season )

Entry requirements for professional course:

Minimum certification level to start PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent.  We would assume you are also fit and in good physical condition, if you have any existing medical conditions which maybe of concern, then a medical statement or a letter of clearance from your doctor would also be needed.

If you have not yet been certified as a diver or need to advance your certification level, Liquid Media is affiliated with several of the best Dive Resorts on the island and can assist you in making the decision of which dive operators to choose from, offering Open Water to Instructor.