Media Projects

Broadcast & Media Projects

With a reputation for Quality it’s no surprise Liquid Media has been involved in filming various projects such as Documentaries, Television productions, Environmental Projects, Promotional videos and even couple of music videos. Here are a few projects we have contributed to.

Thai Television Productions







2010 - True Visions Enjoy Thailand TV Show.

A show promoting Tourism in the Gulf of Thailand, the Presenter Jay Bunying was a vert accomplished diver too


2010 - Buoyancy World by SAVE KOH TAO.


The latest project to ease pressure on Koh Tao's most popular dive site and to help improve the buoyancy of novice before the dive on Reefs with healthy corals.  This project was give to our Videography Interns Zac & Gina and eventually was show wit great success at the annual Koh Tao Underwater World Festival this year.





2009 – Channel 5 Thai Televisions Ray McDonald Show

In an effort to promote Koh Tao to the domestic tourism market, Channel 5 did a holiday show about some of the activities on and around the island.  Including snorkeling at Shark Bay with Black-tip reef sharks and diving at Ao Leuk, exploring a healthy reef and checking on a Giant Clam project.  Liquid Media was there to film the underwater segments and their production crew was amazed at the results, some of them are even talking about learning underwater video with our company.




2009 – TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand)

The TAT contacted Liquid Media for some help in producing a Promotional movie to be shown on television in Japan, the aim of the program was to promote diving in Thailand and they required high quality underwater video stock footage of not just Koh Tao, But also the West Coast of Thailand.


2009 – Miss Thailand Universe

One of the funniest film assignments we have undertaken, 44 Miss Thailand Beauty contestants for domestic Television Channel 7, snorkeling and playing beach games on Nang Yuan Island.  There were a lot of local diving instructors very interested in seeing the results from that day.  This footage was used as part of the main program, including a Turtle Release from Koh Tao, it’s really satisfying to see your work on TV and know that its been watched my millions of viewers.


Miss Thailand Universe Competition filmed on Koh Tao

photo by Jo


2009 – Snake Documentary for Copenhagen film DR2 Danish TV

This was a really good production to be involved in, a Documentary about dangerous snakes in Thailand.  After filming a  section about the King Cobra, the next on the list to be filmed was  our local Banded Sea Krait.  In total we spent 3 days filming and  diving with Danish Snake experts and their TV presenter, which  was a real learning experience both for our underwater video  interns and us as we got them involved too.   The aim of the shoot  was not just to get a Sea Krait on film, but also to actually catch one  and bring it to the surface for examination.  Due to the risky nature  of this film, we had to have a team of medics on location and  research the availability of anti-venom in Thailand, so a lot to  coordinate.




2008 – Hin Fai – Bio Rock with Save Koh Tao Group.

Koh Tao is one of the top dive destinations in the world, with many people coming to take the entry level certification Open water diver, this means the dive sites are extremely busy.  In an effort to relieve some of the pressure on certain divesites the Save Koh Tao group began construction of an artificial dive site called Hin Fai using Bio Rock technology.  This was a charity project for us and we were both happy and honored to be there at the birth of a new dive site, also it was a great opportunity to get our video interns involved.  Liquid Media documented the construction, Ceremony, Launch and Progress of the site.  And are still monitoring and filming it progress as it matures over the next few years.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this movie the proceeds go to the Save Koh tao groups and their future projects.


Eco Film Projects


2005/06 – Koh Tao Underwater World Festival

Annually the island has celebrates with the Underwater World Festival, originally organized by Koh Tao Dive Operators Club (KTDOC) and these days by the Save Koh Tao Group usually in February.  For two years running Liquid Media filmed and produced Souvenir DVDs of the event, one of the Activities for all the island dive schools to participate in was the Guinness Book of Records “ Most amount of people diving simultaneously”.  Needless to say this was a real challenge to film, the first year there was 722 people diving at the same time and the second year more that 800.  Not only were we successful in the challenge to film this amount of people, we also produced more then 2000 souvenir discs, which were back on the island and ready for collection within 5 days after the event, a pretty tough deadline.  Also during the events supplying domestic Television stations and also Reuters Media Group with footage.  If you are interested in purchasing copies of either year they are still available at the price of just 5 Euros.


Guinness World Record Diving


2005 – Green Peace Clean Energy Campaign

When we heard the Rainbow Warrior 2 was coming to the island we were really excited and when KTDOC called to ask us to film the occasion we were over the moon.  Green Peace came to Koh Tao to promote their clean energy campaign in Asia and was on island to conduct reef surveys with Marine Biologists from Green Fins.  We were also commissioned by Channel 7 a domestic Television station to supply footage of Thai celebrities on the Rainbow Warrior and diving whilst conducting the surveys.


Green Peace


Channel 7 Thai Television on Green Peace's Rainbow Warrior2

And we have also supplied Underwater Video Stock footage to several Documentaries, Domestic Stations in Thailand and Television Networks worldwide including U.A.E, Germany, Holland, U.S.A, Britain Denmark, National Geographic and Reuters Media.