Rebreather Training

Rebreather Training


With traditional open circuit SCUBA, the diver inhales gas from a cylinder and exhales the breath into the atmosphere (open circuit). The gas or oxygen used by the diver (+/- 4%) is a fraction of the total gas wasted by the open circuit.

Closed circuit re-circulates the exhaled breathing gas within a loop and only a small amount of oxygen is added to replace the used/metabolized oxygen by the diver. The carbon dioxide, produced by the diver, is cleaned from the breathing gas by the Scrubber (absorbent). This extends the dive time considerably.

"RAID Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving - Get Close Up and Personal, with the aquatic environment"

You may be a complete beginner and would like a 'Try Dive/Discover Rebreather' before enrolling on your first course, or you may already be a rebreather diver wanting to cross over to the RAID system. Whichever your choice, this will add an exciting dimension to your life!

Firstly, read the General Course Information for all Levels, then read the Medical Questionnaire to see that you don't have any health problems that will inhibit your diving. Next scroll through the various levels of training to see which course meets your requirements. Once you have chosen your course you can register.

Go to the Diver Training Login for Registration. Click the register button and follow the 3 Step Process, which includes verification of your email address. Once you have registered, all you need to do is type in your email address and password, and click the Login box.


The RAID system is a comprehensive continued educational programme designed for a variety of rebreather units. The core level of education covers aspects which are common to all rebreathers and the unit specific speciality programmes cover information which is unique to the rebreather of your choice. The core levels specify the depth limitation and skill level and allows the diver to learn in steps. The rebreather speciality confirms which rebreather the diver may use.

To start and qualify as a RAID rebreather diver you need to have completed both the core rebreather level and a rebreather specific Speciality course.

For further education within the RAID training system, you may continue with the next core rebreather level. The unit speciality course for each rebreather only needs to be completed once.

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