Liquid joins RAID

Liquid joins RAID

Yes, we here at liquid Media are proud to announce that, perfect for the start of  the new season 2015, we are now officially a RAID dive center.

RAID is one of the fastest growing dive agency's in the world today. With roots in the area of CCD Re-breather and Technical Diving it quickly developed into one of the 3 leading agency's in the dive industry.

What are the benefits of RAID?

RAID brings a fresh wind into an otherwise aging industry. Higher standards, better training and quality and best of all, it gives the quality check back to into customer hands. It also combines all aspects of diving, from Free Diving over SCUBA to Technical Diving.

What does that mean for us?

For Liquid Media that means a new possibility on offering the same high standards of training in a wider field and the possibility of combining our courses not only with Open Circuit Diving, but also with Closed Circuit "Re-breather" and Technical Diving.

What does that mean for you?

For you it means that we are able to satisfy more of your needs. If you like to become a professional Underwater Video or Cinematographer, you are not anymore restricted on OCD courses bit can combine your training with CCD or Tech. Or if you do not have the necessary diving qualifications yet, we are able to give you a package specially designed to your needs. 

RAID C Card Front - Diver

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