First with Final Pro Cut X

Sunday, 30 October 2011 05:06


Final Cut X arrives on Koh Tao.


First with Final Cut X


Liquid Media has been using Apple's Final Cut Pro & Studio for more than a decade and now are proud to announce we are the first Underwater Videography company on Koh Tao to offer Final Cut X.  And for the beginning of the new Season will be offering a Choice of 3 editing applications to our Underwater Video courses, Final Cut X, Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere (the later can be used on both PC & MAC).


liquid media is first with apples latest revolution in video editing


We are still offering the previous version of Final Cut as some users still prefer the workflow of the classic Application, Adobe Premiere can be run on both PC or Mac and is also available to give students the choice between a Mac or PC.  Even though our preference is to Apple Mac and Final Cut Pro, we are the only company offering a full range of computer editing suites.


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