Frog fish fever

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 06:50

Froggy Fever on Koh Tao.


We have two new Frog fish or Angler Fish at one of our local dive sites, very close to each other.  We are all excited by the discovery, they are very rare for our area and you have more chance of seeing a Whale Shark than finding one of these illusive masters of camouflage.


Angler fish on Koh Tao


We are trying to keep the location quite and we don't want a developing circus around these little guys and we intend to limit our own contact with them too, in the hope they'll stick around.


Frog fish get their name because of the resemblance to a Frog when they walk.  They are actually predators and use a small lure located on their forehead to attract small fish closer.   They come in many different shapes and sizes and are very difficult to find, they can also over the course of days change color to match the surrounding background.


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