Turtles a Plenty on Koh Tao

Turtles a Plenty on Koh Tao.



HD showreels


We are seeing lots of Turtles lately, a big Green Turtle appearing at White Rock and several Hawksbills at White Rock, Red Rock, Green Rock & Twin Peaks.  It's great to have them around, our Interns are working hard on their HD Showreels which will be appearing on Vimeo or Youtube very soon.


Happy Videography trainee's


Koh Tao means Turtle island in Thai and it's great that we still have a healthy population on Sea Turtles roaming Tao's waters.  It's not guaranteed, but there is a good chance of seeing one while diving or snorkeling here, it's a real buzz when Openwater students see their first one.

Hawksbill turtle and Kristy


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