The Whale Sharks are here!

The Whale Sharks are here!

We are often asked whats the best time to dive Koh Tao, well conditions are generally really good all year round.  But if your intention is to see a "Big Spotty Fish" well than April to May is the best time to be here and this year certainly hasn't disappointed.


For the last two weeks we've had Whale Shark sightings nearly everyday, which to be honest is great for business and we are having a great time getting stock footage of these beautiful creatures.  Our latest Underwater Video Intern Georg from Germany has been lucky enough to film Whale Sharks on a number of his dives.


The footage in the video above was shot during one dive on the 1st of May by Alan Tansey, " I was trying to get something different from all the shots other videographers get, I don't encourage chasing the Whale sharks as it just scares them away, so the best plan is to keep calm and think about your shots and I wanted to add nice foreground images rather than sticking in its face like the others do"


This footage was shown on Thai TV Channel 5 on the 4th of May including an Interview with Alan about his experiences diving on Koh Tao over the last 10 years.


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