Editing Course with Final Cut PRO X, Motion & Compressor or Adobe Suit CS6

Editing Courses for Beginners and Pros with Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor 

We offer a full range of editing courses from beginner to pro. Learn how to master one of the world's most famous editing suite available Final Cut Pro x. FCP x is our editing tool of choice for MAC users, if you are PC user however we can on request also teach Adobe Premiere CS6 and After Effects. Learn in a short time to master your own movies like pros.



Basic editing with Final Cut Pro x

final_cut_pro_X_screenshotLearn the power of professional editing with one of the worlds leading editing software Final Cut Pro x!

If you like to learn how to edit your own holiday home-movie or if you like to cross-over from another editing software, this is the course for you. We will teach you how to import your move files from camera or any external/internal media source. The usage of editing tool and FCPx "magnetic Timeline", Transitions and Effects and basic editing from movies.

  • Minimum Diver level: None
  • Estimated time needed: 2 Days


Advanced editing with Final Cut Pro x

FCPxDive deeper into Final Cut Pro x with the next part of our editing training course.

Learn the power of "Key words" and "Filters". Master editing skills like "Key Points" and "Compound Clips" for visual effects to create amazing and professional looking movies. We also will give you an overview in Basic Motion to create simple but effective generators to enhance your movies with creative and individual text fields. 

  • Minimum Diver level: None
  • Estimated time needed: 2 1/2 Days


Editing with Final Cut Pro x Full Course

You would like to learn how to edit professionally with Final Cut Pro x all the way? Then take our Basic and Advanced editing Course combined in one!
Learn everything in the above mentioned courses in 4 days and pick our brains in FCP to get the most out of your course.

  • Minimum Diver level: None
  • Estimated time needed: 5 Days


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