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Koh Tao is one of the world's most renown destinations for Diving. With its beautiful beaches, warm waters and conditions perfect for training, it is no surprise. No matter where you stay on Koh Tao it is only a short walk to the water for a quick dip, snorkelling with sharks or just to catch some sun on the beach.

Apart from the beautiful location, an other reason is that Koh Tao's season is generally 10 out of 12 month with a relative short rain season, usually in October to November. Also the low price for diving attracts students from all over the world to learn how to dive or work there way to become a professional Diver. Koh Tao offers everything from try diving and 1st level courses, over advanced level or Dive Master Internships to Master Instructor level, from Sport Diver to Technical Diving and Free Diving.

Koh Tao's dive sites are within easy reach and it takes a boat not more than 40 min to reach the top locations in the area and for the diver to get a glimpse of the stunning underwater world or the chance of diving with a Whale-shark.

Learn to DIVE

Learn to DIVE

Diving Courses from Beginner to Pro
Submerge into the an new world full of adventure and wonder!
Base level courses with SCUBA or Re-breather

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Specialty Courses for Divers.
Dive deeper into the Adventure and open up more possibilities, develop your skills and become a more secure diver.

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Re-Breather Training

Re-Breather Training

Re-Breather Training for certified SCUBA Divers or "Learn-how-to-dive' on Re-Breathers. the possibility's are endless

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Other Way's to Dive

Other Way's to Dive

Free Diving or Apnoea opens up your world to dive without any bulky and heavy SCUBA equipment.
Al it takes is one deep breath and you can join into the silent world and all its wonders.
Technical Diving is becoming more and more popular these days as equipment becomes better and training more advanced and available, but the adventure is still the same.

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