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With over 13 years of experience in filming, photography and diving, we know that the key to become a good Videographer is not only good equipment, but also passion, experience, knowledge and flexibility. While experience and knowledge for a beginner needs time to develop, it is our philosophy that the most important skills we can share with our students is our passion, skills, knowledge and of course our experience.

nauticam housingWith that in mind, we made it our goal to teach right from the beginning only the full function range a camera has to offer. Students learn different formats and cameras to handle, from mini-DV to SSD, PAL & NTSC and HD to 4K HD; from 3-CCD Cameras over DSLR's to BMD Cinema Cameras, all in High End Professional Underwater housings from Gates and Nauticam.
If you are used to a certain camera model and you do have your own housing, no problem. Though over the years, we worked with them all and are the most experienced, especially in the field of DSLR's and Professional TV and Production Cameras. 

final_cut_pro_X_screenshotEditing Facility 

In our office we use the newest editing tools available to us on the best workstations for professionals, Macs. Our software of choice has always been Final Cut Pro and with FCP x, Motion and Compressor, editing got just so much faster. On request we are also able to teach Adobe Suite CS6 or for the experts davinciresolvesoftwarein coloration and post production Davinci Resolve.